Harsh Saxena

Gin Is In!

Undoubtedly, it’s the golden hour for innovations in Indian spirits. And amongst them, the blue-eyed child are the new Indian gins. With a thick Indian

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PASSION, PATIENCE & PERSISTENCE Tell someone India makes wines, you’ll get an absolutely surprised face! But then, tell an Indian that we make wines in

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Summer In A Glass

Yay!! Summers here. It’s time to host endless brunches (or drunches!!), poolside parties, and balmy evening rooftop soirees. And while at them what fits well

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Pinot Noir’s New Accent

Given it’s Germany, wouldn’t it be too cold to grow the grape there?’ – A constant eyebrow-raising bewilderment is received upon learning that Germany also

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Scotch Love

When Scota, the Egyptian wife of the Spanish Celtic King Milesius, invaded the island in 1699BC from Ireland, who’d have even in passing thought of

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