Rum Trail

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Indulge Experiences brings you the joy of guided blind tastings of some phenomenal liquids to your home.

It has kept us mesmerised all along, and is now weaving a new life in its own. Welcome the World Rum Revolution, taste all the crazy new rums quietly entering your bars and hearts

What’s In The World Rum Trail Tasting?

  • 9 Fantastic Global Rums
    • Two Indies
    • Segredo Aldeia White
    • Segredo Aldeia Cafe
    • Short Story White
    • Plantation 3 Star
    • Plantation original Dark
    • Flor De Cana 12
    • Dictador 12
    • Alejandro Dark Rum
    • Sepoy & Co Lemonades
    • Sepoy & CO Lemonade Highballs
  • Live Session With Sommelier Gagan SHARMA

Oh, and the stories you’ll hear!!

What’s the right way to taste them? The garnishes that could work? The right notes to describe your favourite rums ? Is a mixer even important? What’s the right proportion to add? And, the cocktails we can make with them!! All these questions will be answered.



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Gagan Sharma



Time for Indian rums to shine. Amazing rums by Makazai, now I know what my summer cocktails will be made from


Goa is going to become India's Carribean. Loved the Cafe Rum by Segredo Aldeia, easy sipper, it'll be my new favourite go-to drink


Nice stuff. Gagan has a ton of stories to tell, really exciting ones. Really cool tasting. 


Amazing session. I wish we had a mixer too to make ourselves a chill drink at the end. The hangover kit helped a ton, hahaha

Aakash Malhotra

What a nice session. Indian rums for the win. Cheers Indulge for introducing me to these nice rums. Couldn't believe they were Indian


I was skeptic about the session since my friend gifted it to me. It was beyond my imagination. Great learning, amazing rums


Loved the tasting, stories added to the overall understanding of the spirit. Didn't know rums had such a rich history. 

Shubham Gandhi

Two Indies was a new find for me. Really enjoyed all these new Indian rums. No more a winter drink only for me. 



It’s simple. Fill in your information and make the online payment with available payment options. Once the fee is received you will be registered for the session and will receive a confirmation email with details of the event closer to closing date 

You can still register and we will put your on the waitlist. In case you still do not get a space on the said session, you will automatically be considered for the next session on first-come basis. You will not be booked but we will present you with the first right to refusal.

The fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. 


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