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For the longest time I’ve wanted to create a bridge between what I’ve been fortunate enough to learn, see, experience, and gather, and sharing that with likeminded people and palates.

Through Indulge, we wish to bring together transforming experiences and learnings, and build personal interactions around our favourite drinks. 

Indulge Academy is for anyone who wishes to learn their elixirs down to their roots, creation, evolution, and how they play a part in our lives, not by the book, but through practical learning. 

Indulge Experiences are a collection of interactive sessions that are passionately delivered through storytelling, that allow you to succinctly imbibe, and appreciate the liquids better. You’ll gather new-found respect for your tipples, as we’ll have conversations and share gyaan that you’ll be eager to brag about at your next social gathering.

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Indulge Experiences

Carefully created interactions and experiences around our favourite tipples, stemming from the urge to relearn through their stories and journeys. We’ll rekindle a passionate relationship with these elixirs that’ll stay for life.



Courses developed by Indian-international sommeliers and beverage professionals, that bring together the global standards of academia, international trends, and skills, while keeping in mind the needs of the Indian hospitality and trade.

Indulge Experiences

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We Create & Curate

Looking for a customised experiences or learnings for your team, guests, clients, or patrons? We’ll help you with them. Reach out to us and share what excites you and we will open our pandoras box and leave you spell-bound

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