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Indulge Experiences brings you the joy of guided blind tastings of some phenomenal liquids to your home.

As much as this brown nectar entices us Indians, it holds as many mysteries and stories. It’s easy to appreciate, yet not the easiest to decipher. And then the rituals, and the mixers, and the cocktails…

It’s time to befriend them, not only as an evening tipple, but as a drink that has evolved over generations, has styles and charisma beyond our imagination. #WorldWhiskyTrail will answer all your questions, share ways to see the tipple differently, and set in place a definitive differentiation in their styles from across the globe.

What’s In the #WorldWhiskyTrail kit?

Oh, and the stories you’l hear!! The Wars, revolutions, historic laws, and a curious Indian connection to them all

Learn the right nomenclature to define your whiskies, the right way to nose and taste them, what to look for to define their quality and personality, and how to differentiate them. On the rocks or neat? Ice or water, or soda? Chill the whisky or the glass? What about highballs and cocktails? Learn it all and show off at your next gathering



ON 4th February


1-1.5 Hours




Gagan Sharma



It’s simple. Fill in your information and make the online payment with available payment options. Once the fee is received you will be registered for the session and will receive a confirmation email with access to the meeting link.

You can still register and we will put your on the waitlist. In case you still do not get a space on the said session, you will automatically be considered for the next session on first-come basis. You will not be booked but we will present you with the first right to refusal.

The fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. 

Yes, they will be provided closer to the date of the session


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