Indulge Experiences

Indulge Experiences are a creation of crisp interactions for those who wish to elevate their tippling rituals. Our undying love for our favourite elixirs, collection of numerous stories, and infectious passion can rekindle anyone’s love for their drinks.

One experience will be enough to change the way you look at your favourite social liaison.



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25th February

23rd February

Malaka Spice, Pune

26th February

24th February

Perch, Mumbai

27th February

25th February

Mansionz, Mumbai

1-4th March

20th February

Nashik, Pune

Hail the gin revolution

Indian Gin Trail

The spice-box of the world, India, is going through a Gin Revolution, churning some head-turning spirits. Our sommeliers will send you carefully selected Indian gins, which you will taste and learn about. Pick your favourites of the lot, see how best to enjoy them, discover the variety of local gins, and be amazed by their International repute and quality.

Fuel the GLOBAL rum revolution

World Rum Trail

It has kept us mesmerised all along, and is now weaving a new life in its own.  Welcome the World Rum Revolution, taste all the crazy global rums quietly entering your bars and hearts

You think you know it all?

World Whisky Trail

Yup, Indians are the undisputed champions of the brown spirit. But, do we really understand our whiskies? Our sommeliers surely do, and they know how to turn you in to a whisky connoisseur. 

We taste 7-8 different whiskies from single malts to blends, grainy to smokey, pot still distilled to patent still, Indian to Scotch to Irish to Japanese, to American, malts to blends all covered. 

Creating a new harmony on the palate

Cocktail Dinners

Indulge’s Cocktail Dinner Series will bring in chefs and their cuisines in a different light and put harmony on the palates with carefully crafted cocktails with our beverage partners. Some of them won’t ever be seen again.

Wine dinners with a twist

Themed Wine Dinners

Not your average wine dinners

We are elevating you experience by throwing in some fun, some banter, and storytelling, and more interestingly, by putting you in the seat of the jury. Each of our wine dinners will carry a fun theme, some unheard of, where you’ll help us recreate moments from history, settle debates that’ve only caused much spark, and pick the victorious ones with fellow dinners and oenophiles.

acknowledging what goes behind the scenes

Indian Vine Trail

First-of-its-kind experience in the country for professionals and passionate connoisseurs alike.

4 days, 6 wineries, meet the makers, see behind the scenes action, and taste wines of the future in-the-making from tanks, barrels, and their finished avatar, with the creators at their sources.


Honey Mead Trail

Fake honey, real honey – what would you do? 

We know what Einstien would do, as he said – “If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live”. 

The trail introduces your to the real, single-origin honeys + the nectar of the gods – MEAD, and sets you up to make your own tipple, at home!! Yes, you could be a home brewer producing Indra’s favourite tipple – Soma!!

All this, with Asia’s first meadery – Moonshine Meadery & Moonshine Honey Project

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