Wine & Beverage Marketing Strategies

Wine and Beverage Marketing Strategies

For those who are already in the wine business in India, we can make ourselves available for all wine-centric marketing and promotional strategies and their subsequent execution. These can include institutional events like tutored tastings and wine dinners to more retail-specific activities. From conceptualising and designing the promotion and all related POS to sourcing staff for such and supervising the event on-ground, we aim to provide a comprehensive solution which presents the brands and its products in the best possible manner. Here is a slightly more detailed (albeit boring) read on the same.

  1. Sample Feedback: We taste and provide comment cards for products you may be prospecting to introduce into the Indian market. This is done free of charge as long as the product can be made available to us.
  2. Market studies and reveals to investigate product demand and possible placement strategies for wines which are sourced.
  3. Creation of suitable market-specific consumer-friendly wine labels, adaptive tasting notes and promotional material, and translation of any (or all) of the same, if required.
  4. Organising a product launch: For this, the brand need not be sourced through us. This involves scouting for suitable venues, writing press releases, designing invitations, compiling suitable invitation lists, liaising with press, important trade representatives and discerning consumers, client database structuring…right up to conducting and hosting on the day of the event. Possible events could include tastings, dinners/lunches, media presentations, consumer evenings, press releases, etc. The professional fee will vary depending on the type of event and nature and extent of our involvement. This may not be seen as a product endorsement but a product presentation. However, you may use the information imparted here (via recordings, etc.) in any manner you would like.
  5. Staff Trainings: IWBS’s team of qualified young beverage professionals will devise a corporate company presentation to be used during training sessions held in on your client’s premises to educate staff on the new products. A similar module is also developed for consumers and media.
  6. IWBS can also devise and implement a rolling marketing plan for events around the product – promotions such as consumer galas, food & wine festivals or more focused soirees aimed at specific gatherings.
  7. Providing links with popular or established wine houses which you may wish to include in your portfolio at your own discretion. No listings are guaranteed under this as that is an independent activity under the jurisdiction of the respective establishments.

We do hope this helps make the terms of our possible association more precise. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for more details.

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