Conversations with Indulge – Shamita Singha – Handpicked Wines

From being Femina Miss Earth, 2001, to being a supermodel, hosting her own shows, and campaigning against animal cruelty, and much more, Shamita has been a passionate ambassador of fine things. This turned her to wines and she took a dive, studying with the WSET, and there on to Burgundy, Bordeaux, Spain, and the Americas.

Now, Shamita educates enthusiasts about wines and shares the joy with her endeavour – Handpicked Wines

What first attracted you to wines?

The sheer romance of uncorking a bottle, right from the sound of the popping cork and the pouring liquid, to the aroma and taste on your palette… to deciphering the label and having a laugh with friends…. all of this made me fall in love with the process and the subject of wine. 

If wine had a beauty contest what would be the clincher question?

Describe yourself in wine terminology.  

How do you make wine sound more approachable and relatable to your clients?

I prefer to demystify the subject of wine to my clients or audience.  I believe that wine isn’t only for snobs or for occasions. Its a happy beverage that can be consumed everyday even in pyjamas and not only in a suit.  

What drink do you generally like to unwind with at the end of a work day?

Wine of course or sometimes with a cold beer too. 

Is there a wine no-no that we should all steer clear of?

Adding ice to your wine. 

And tell us of one wine no-no that you allow yourself to give in to?

Drinking red wine at indian summer room temperature. 

Any advice for young aspiring beverage enthusiasts in India especially for girls who aspire to work in this space?

Its definitely an exciting time as its a growing market. And wine awareness and consumption is increasing slowly but surely.   I would advise the young service industry as well as beverage enthusiasts to work more towards tastings and spreading awareness and serving quality wines which are in good health, rather than focusing on up selling or finishing stock. Make people fall in love with wine first, sales will follow automatically.

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