Ribera Del Duero, At The Forefront

Having won the highest accolades Ribera del Duero wines are the new most talked about ones from the country. Speaking of quality this region has the maximum number of highest quality DO (Denominacion de Origen) designation wines in the country. All thanks to its unique and meticulous winemaking.

The region is noted for its long list of local grape varieties. Utilizing them these three hundred wineries produce outstanding drops working with the philosophy of ‘quality’ winemaking. Their most high-held variety is the Tempranillo (red). Having a vision to consolidate their achievement the Ribera del Duero wine making is enjoying its best phase.Bodega Paris Trimino (Paris 2009-100% Tempranillo)Layered oak, soft, doesn’t compromise fruit, young. Floral too, so elegantly feminine.Pagos de Matanegra (Matanegra  Crianza 2007-100% Tempranillo)Nice musky nose, subtle very yummy, rich, tannic yet supple and juicy. Needs decanting(not aging) though.Bodegas Aalto (Aalto PS 2006-100% Tempranillo)Lovely mix of oak and fruit(tad international), tannins envelope from inside, the mouthful is big, even a bit daunting, but is well handed and tamed to docility.Bodegas y Vinedos Gallego Zapatero (Yotuel Vinas Viejas 2006-100% Tempranillo)Nice ripeness, bordering on the evolved and orangey, elegance comes through. Bit tight and closed for now. Super elegant finish.Vina Mambrilla (Alidis Expresion 2006-100% Temprenillo)Love the nose, roses and dark fruits, lovely cocoa and cherries, expressive and approachable. Big friendly giant.Bodegas y Vinedos Monteabellon (Monteabellom Finca La Blanquera 2006-100% Temprenillo)Super tight, restrained, powerful, time-needing, very classic and refined, likeable, especially with time(opens up like budding rose).Felix Callejo (Callejo Reserva 2006-100% Temprenillo)Ripe and hot in style, this is quite a good wine but should have come earlier in the order. Simple and straight forward.Bodegas Rodero (Carmelo Rodero  TSM 2005-75% Tempranillo, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot)Great nose, complex layered perfumed cerries, macerated currants, cakes, licorice, blueberries.Hornillos Ballesteros (Perfil 2005-100% Tempranillo)Tight yet gentle, like a 6ft 500 pound ballet dancer. Packs a punch. Needs time, or food. Pucker up otherwise.Bodegas Montevannos (Opimius 2005-100% Tempranillo)Tannins over-ride, honest winemaking nothing hidden, balanced for what it contains and promises at the price.Finca Campos Goticos (Campos Goticos Crianza 2005-100% Tempranillo)Great nose, super sensual, elegant, approachable and pleasantly inviting. This is a good point to start or the region.Bodegas Torrederos (Tinto Torrederos Reserva 2005-100% Tempranillo)Again a great VFM, lovely in aromas and tactile elegance, tannins and fruit of good balance. Versatile in appeal.Bodegas Grupo Yllera (Bracamonte Reserva 2004-100% Tempranillo)Super light, all about size it seems, but it is appealing, how this giant grape can still harness the plate so alluringly.Bodegas Ismael Arroyo (ValSotillo  Reserva 2004-100% Tinta del Pais)Nicely rounded soft without being diluted, intense but not intimidating. A tad  international but still very terroir provided.Bodegas Hnos. Perez Pascuas (Perez Pascuas 2003-90% Tinto Fino y, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon)Refinement on the end of the palate is truly distinguished. Still too young to completely enjoyu but a wine with chocolates and distinction.

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