Young Sommeliers’ Olympiad

3,000.00 2,000.00

The Young Sommeliers’ Olympiad is an online learning + competitive initiative where the best-in-trade professionals will educate you on beverages and skills you require, and put you through quizzes to select the next young champion of the nation.

Be mentored by the champions who have made the country proud, and win a chance to learn, earn, and travel. Fame that comes along is just a garnish.

You’ll be trained via online webinars by industry leaders and professionals, all quizzes and sessions will be conducted through online platforms.


1st Place – Cash Award of INR25000 + #IndianVineTrail + Other Awards

2nd Place – Cash Award of INR20000 + Study Scholarship + Other Awards

3rd Place – Cash Award of INR15000 + Study Scholarship + Other Awards

4th Place – Cash Award of INR10000 + Study Scholarship + Other Awards

5th Place – Cash Award of INR10000 + Study Scholarship + Other Awards


You must be under the age of 21 years as on 5th September 2021. If you’re not, you can still participate, learn, and earn your stripes, but can’t compete in the finals on 4th September, 2021.





3 Days




Industry Experts



Yes, you can! You’ll be able to attend all the masterclasses, go through the quizzes at the preliminary round, and even receive a participation certificate. However, you will not be considered for the finals. If learning is your main objective, we will not stop you from that.

A sommelier is a beverage master. The Young Sommeliers’ Olympiad constitutes wines, beers + other ferments, spirits + other distillates, and cocktails as well.

Though there’s no syllabus, quizzes will primarily focus on the hotel management college level knowledge. Beyond that, definitely focus on what’s shared during the masterclasses.

This is a completely online program, at least this year. The masterclasses will be conducted online, and so will be the quizzes. You need not leave your home to be a champion

No. We will be hosting a webinar on the 20th to introduce you to the Olympiad and the team, your mentors, and the plan ahead. There will be masterclasses on 23-24th-25th August, which will be spread throughout the day. Do keep your 28th+29th August locked as we will be conducting the quizzes in batches and at different times during the day. You’ll know what is the exact timing for your quiz in advance. 

Only if you progress in to the finals, you’ll be required on 4th September.

Quizzes will be conducted online and will be monitored by Team YSO.

Yes, every participant receives a duly signed certificate by the YSO team.

No it isn’t. But, hey, we will surely be asking you questions from what’s presented in the masterclasses. Thus, it is highly recommended that you do attend them all.


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