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A top beverage expert, Karina Aggarwal, or “Gigglewater”, as she is affably known, is the lady behind one of India’s first and foremost alcohol appreciation portals Apart from conducting various events and sessions to train and educate both consumers and the service teams of various national F&B establishments, she often judges at various international wine and spirits competitions. Most recently she was the only and first Indian representative at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2019. She is also the brand advocate for Monkey 47 gin and Paul John whisky. A major force behind the movement to recognise women in the beverage space, she has been part of various initiatives to such effect, her own Smarty Pints Society (2014) being one such club for the women beer lovers of the country.


In case you’re curious, ‘Gigglewater‘ is what they called alcohol during the Prohibition (1920s-) in America. Founded by Karina Aggarwal, the portal is an informative source of reviews on new products, market highlights and trends, tastings, commentaries, and advice for all interested in the subject. Interesting reads about best bars to new concepts such as 3D-whisky tasting covers it all.

Karina also writes for major media platforms such as The Hindu, GQ, and Sommelier India, to name a few. Passion for writing and love for beverages is truly a rewarding thing, achieved only through hard work.

Karina’s inspirational journey is indeed motivational for young beverage enthusiasts wanting to develop a career in the industry. We asked her to take some time out and answer a few questions for us. Without further ado, here we go!

What was your most recent memorable drink?

On New Year’s Eve we cracked open a bottle of Champagne Drappier Grande Sendrée Rosé 2006. It’s been a favourite Champagne for a few years now.

What should India be drinking next?

Mezcal or more homegrown Indian brands – gin, mahua, cider, single malt…

Overall favourite tipple/ comfort tipple at the end of a long day?

Gin and Tonic or a Negroni. Depends on whether I have to make it or not!

A tip for people on how to be relevant and authoritative on social media?

Be honest and authentic about what you put out. I enjoy accounts that teach or introduce me to something new so that’s what I try to do as well.

What should the Indian beverage industry do to make the presence of women who work in it more prominent?

Hire more women instead of avoiding a female workforce because of ‘safety’ concerns. The more women there are in the industry or behind bars, the greater possibility of creating safe spaces for us.

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