Wine Society of India Evening

On a hot afternoon, the Wi-Not team got a call; an invitation to the Wine Society of India (WSI) evening. The occasion was the launch of WSI ‘Four Seasons Wine Discovery’ program showcasing seven wines, three whites and four reds. After we finally managed ot make our way through the parking mess outside, we arrived but the sound of bottles of sparkling wine popping open from far was a welcome note. This was the Bouvet-Ladubay Brut Non Vintage from France.

The event was opened with speeches by Mr. David Banford and Mr Steven Spurrier, Chairman of WSI. The crowd collected around to listen to what the world’s most respected wine  personality had to say. shortly, we were joined by Sommelier Stephane Soret who accompanied us for the tasting. The event was packed like a can of sardines and even the whisky drinkers appeared enticed by the wines on display and for tasting.

The team was overwhelmed to converse with Mr. Spurrier. The man is a firm believer in the thought of having a quality wine education in the country. It seems his wait is about to get over with the IWBS coming up soon.

With wines flowing and the room overflowing with wine lovers and enthusiasts, we barely managed to get around trying all the wines. However, feeling enriched from our lovely and lively interaction, we headed home feeling quite satiated.

The wines on tasting were:-

  • • Bouvet-Ladubay Brut Non Vintage, France – Sparkling
  • • 2006 Sacred Hill Chardonnay, New Zealand – Still White
  • • 2006 Mon Roc Chardonnay, France – Still White
  • • 2007 Mannara Grillo Pinot Grigio, Italy – Still White
  • • 2006 Soledoro Sangiovese Rubicone, Italy – Still Red
  • • 2004 Chateau Parenchere Rouge, France – Still Red
  • • 2005 Anakena Carmenere, Chile – Still Red
  • • 2006 10 Chapters Shiraz, South Africa – Still Red

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