Visiting Vallee de Vin (Part II)

As a part of our vinous Nasik trip, our idea remained to try and visit the upcoming wineries of the region that will one day make the wines of India a global entity and make us proud. In this drive, our first stop was scheduled to visit a young winery named Vallee de Vin. As we hit the highway to begin some serious hunting, we went back and forth on the highway looking for the diversion that shall lead us to Vallee de Vin winery. As we approached the winery, our mobile signals started vanishing off.

Vallee de Vin is a new winery set-up in Sangigaon with a very New-World architectural design. It is set up on a slanting hill with vineyard on top, winery in the middle and a breathtaking view at the bottom. As we came out of the parking, we saw a big lounge with a mini-bar/ tasting area was placed. Wine-tourism kept in mind?? Maybe. Mr. Sachin, the hospitality manager, took us on a vineyard and the winery round. They grow Shiraz, Viognier, Grenache and the lasted addition is a Spanish variety called Tempranillo at their vineyards. They grew the vineyards in 2007 and had the first vintage in 2008. Mr. Sachin also shared with us that they have a constant threat of sunburn and downy mildew in their vineyards. They have a self supported and operated winery with a 3.5 lac capacity. Not to forget, they are the only winery set-up in India to have a cooling chamber for the freshly harvested grapes to maintain quality intake. The winery has a state-of-the-art-cellar which is also where they plan to have guided tastings for its visitors in the future.

Back home, we visited their website which was impressive and informative. The company has only one brand named Zampa. To add a zing to their list they have a sparkling rose named Zampagne that sounds really catchy. On tasting, we found the Tempranillo that they are venturing in will be the next big thing in the market. It’s one of those grape varieties that we have been longing to see India produce and excel in. though it’s the new kid on the block but will certainly make a mark as an impressive one. Amongst others we also tasted their Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, Syrah Cabernet and a straight Syrah.

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