Tasting Mexican Wines

Let’s be honest, wine is not the first beverage that comes to mind when we think of Mexico. Till I even went for this exquisite tasting, I didn’t even know Mexico produces wines. It’s like finding authentic French food in India!But for the fact-hungry, Mexico is one of the oldest wine producer that side of the Atlantic and from times when the natives used vines to produce a drink to which they added other fruits and honey, today Mexico has come a long way. Not that those concoctions could have tasted bad at all!Thanks to His Excellency, Jaime Nualart, the Ambassador of Mexico to India, we were privileged enough to get a taste of some very interesting wines from his country. Here are some notes.2007, Nebbia (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Syrah), Llano Colorado, Mexico:Light robe, sombre pink rims, youthful. Good intensity on nose, fruit forward, berry packed, some Pinot like cherriness. The intensity is deceptive. The tannins a bit soft,  quick to fade.  Balanced, even if a bit soft sounding for an otherwise strong combo. USD 18$.2008, Paulinha (Merlot, Barbera, Petit Syrah), Valle Guadalupe, Mexico:Light pink robe, like grenadine, a green rhubarb, unripe cranberry note. The sugar attack up-front fails to back up with acidity or persistence. Lacks structure in spite of an attempt at pre-winemaking. USD 13$.2007, Santo Tomas Tempranillo Cabernet, Láura Zarrora, Mexico:
Rich deep cherry robes, something baked, biscuit-like. The wine, in spite of the oak seems to still be fruit-inclined; could have been a Grenache, save for the missing alcohol kick! Which isn’t all that bad. Cool climate style, short Caudalie, but by structure, it has decent (tannic) grip. USD 9$.2007, Kojaa Petit Syrah, Valle Guadalupe, Mexico:Suggestively powerful robe, layered nose with oaky cleanliness and some fruity notes-extracted richness. Rose petals, some edgy tannins. The wine feels somewhat unfinished; it needs some rounding up (2nd use oak perhaps?)- finishing school to give it stability and structure. USD 21$.2007, Albarolo, Nebbiolo, El Porvenier, Mexico:Rich intensity and inky; nutty, hint balsamic, wool too; the attack is a bit daunting. Strength and extraction; a bit of Residual Sugar (RS). Else, meaty fleshy ripe berries, fruit tannins encore; the heat, the richness, the fresh spice – reminds me of Bollywood! USD 23$.2005, Nebbiolo Reserva Priv. Cetto, Valle Guadalupe, Mexico:A ruby red rose refinement; restrained even if  so a tad shut; the wine shows good flavour but won’t back it up with a classic Nebbiolo powdery tannin follow-through. But, for the price, is great. Syrah like rosey nose, good grip – follow through – all is good! USD 10$.2007, Korima (Misión, Dolcetto, Petit Syrah), El Porvenir, Mexico:
Rich nose for a medium density robe – the fruit plays through, the wine is rich without being gamey or extracted, soft yet supple tannins – likeable. USD 20$.2007, Nera (Nebbiolo, Petit Syrah, Barbera), Llano Colorado, Mexico:Like the robe, doesn’t seem overdone. Nose is fruity, meaty, salty! Like it was made on the coast – seaside wine. This is a new attempt at food pairing. USD 19$.Ensamble, (Merlot, Cab. Sauv., Petit Syrah, Barbera, Zinfandel):Rich and robust, fruit and some weight, good power, even alcohol. But a very well all-rounded wine.The tasting was a heady affair and post it, I headed to Mexican chef victor’s lair, Sancho’s, unarguably the best Mexican joint in India!

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