Banking on Wines…

Wines are becoming a fashion fiasco now. While some choose to hold and pose, some really dedicate some time to learn for themselves and educate others about the magical potion in their copas. The people we bank with are also now offering such interactive sessions for their clients over relaxed evenings. The venues were one of India’s leading banking institutions’ branches in Delhi and the matter of discussion was liquid assets of a different kind: wines.

Sommeliers Gurjit Singh BARRY and Gagan SHARMA travelled across the length and breadth of the capital to infect the prestigious clients of the organisation with vinous charms. The wines were sponsored by Gurgaon-based wine importers Vin Opera, who bring fine Italian wines to India. With their wines and Wi-Not team’s charms the evenings were joyous, fun, and interactive. Not only did the attendees like the wines, they enjoyed the session for the knowledge they took home with them as well. Even the staff attended the sessions and came back to ask for more of such activities and with questions on wines. All in all, the evenings were successful and everyone left happy and with, well, “lifted” spirits!

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