Austrian Blaufrankisch Tasting

WEINGUT MUHR-VAN DER NIEPOORT (Spitzeberg). ’09 Light and lovely, fruity and fresh with a nice grip. The ’07 is tighter, packed denser. Needs some. The wine takes us back to the nostalgic times when grapes were foot-crushed. Till date, the grapes used to produce this drop are partly crushed by foot & the rest mechanically. It was then stored in 500-litre barrels.

WEINGUT UMATHUM (JOIS, Kirschgarten). Powerful and lovely. Meaty yet deep and elegant. Spicy, most of all. The ’07 is fruit resplendent and yummy.WEINGUT GERNOT & HEIKE HEINRICH (WINDEN, Alter Berg). The nose is different, like-able. There is something uplifting and minty. The ’07 is super, licorice and the likes.

WEINGUT FAMILIE PRIELER (SCHUTZEN AM GEBRIGE, Goldberg). Awesome. International but good. The climate of the vineyard is influenced by the warmth of the lake & the coolness of the mountains. This allows the harvest of small & ripe grapes. The grapes are fermented in open vats & punched down by hands.GUT OGGAU (OGGAU, Waldacker, – Bertholdi). The mother of all stories. The wine labels are named after the family members and related to them. Relatively new winery with old vineyards, 45 years, bio-wine, idea was to express the wines individually, as persons. 3 generations. Older ones depict ageing. Graphic labels to denote each.

WEINGUT WENINGER PINCESZET (BALF, Spern Steiner). A bit tannic dominating, needs some rounding up.The elements around the vineyard’s are responsible for the quality crop on-site.WEINGUT JAGIN (ZAGERSDORF). Strong. Hot.WEINGUT MORIC (NECKENMARKT). A bit reduced, bottle issue, but good mouthfeel. Very elegant. Goes down soft and subtle. Super! The name is made up, so as to not allude to Velich. The bro makes the well known white.WEINGUT SCHIEFER (EISENBERG). Wow wow wow! They do it right, consistently. Reds from Austria don’t get any better.

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