#52Drinks52Weeks – Tequila

Team IWBS’s Sommeliers Gagan SHARMA and Magandeep SINGH take on the much-misunderstood drink – Tequila.


Here, they talk about its origins, why it’s called so, the various shades of it, and taste four variants of the El Tequileno Tequila.

The drinks has been around since 200AD, and became a formal beverage in Mexico in 1519 by the Spaniards. Come 1930s it became a Mexican Heritage and has been on an upward progression there on.

Tequila means the ‘Volcanic Soil’. It also is the volcano that gives the city its name, and the drink coming from it.

The two bald somms talk about Agave families, what makes a Blanco, Oro, Mixto, Mexcal, Reposado, and Anejo.

Lots of information needs to be imbibed to understand Tequila, so this one is going to be a tad long. All worth it!!

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