#52Drinks52Weeks – Pisco Sour

Name a cocktail that’s celebrating its 100th birthday this year, and we’ll make you one with our compliments.

Pisco has been a heated topic of discussion between Peru and Chile


In Peru, you can make it with 8 varietals in 4 different styles – from single varietals to blends, from aromatic to neutral and sweet. Only 5 coastal valleys are demarcated for their production and they’re ready to be drunk instantly

Chile, however, has a different approach that allows 14 varietals and is happy resting them oak as well.

Nonetheless, Pisco Sour, whichever be the base remains the same. Egg Whites + Lemon + Sugar + Ice + dashes of Angoustra Bitters is all what it takes.

The two madmen take on the drink and relish it with a dash of fun.

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